Tiger Corporation JAJ-A55U-WS Rice Cooker Review

In this day and age, many people do not have a lot of time to spare on their day-to-day activities. People have started looking for alternatives that will consume less time in getting things done. This includes people who like to cook their food in a way that it saves them time. This technology is perfect for people who are time savers and would like to cook various types of rice in a quick and effective manner.

Between a sea of choices of different types of rice cookers, this slow rice cooker and warmer is an ideal choice for those looking to save time while cooking. Not only does it cook the rice, but it also helps keep it warm and comes in handy in preparing meals daily.

Tiger Corporation JAJ-A55U-WS Review

Design and Features

The microcomputer-controlled technology of the cooker allows one to set the timings of cooking and power according to their preferences. With the “synchro cooking” function, it allows the chef to prepare one main meal with rice. With its special Tacook cooking plate, the two dishes do not intermingle with each other. It also includes a detachable and removable inner lid which ensures a smooth and effective cleaning process.

The design of the cooker and its power usage allows the owner to easily transport the cooker and store in the kitchen. The cooker also comes with a nonstick spatula and a rice measuring cup which helps in achieving the desired quantity.


Performance and Quality

The cooker allows the owner to make a variety of rice, which includes plain rice, mixed rice, sweet rice, risotto and brown rice. The outcome of the rice is soft and fluffy. For people who look forward to saving time in their day-to-day chores, especially while cooking, this cooker is heaven in disguise.

With the “keep warm” function and the “synchro cooking” function, the cooker gives its users added advantages. The gadget warms the rice very well and does not let the two dishes mix with each other. Various stews and soups can also be cooked in the cooker and they taste just as well as those cooked on the stove. The major difference between the two is the amount of time saved. Cakes can also be baked in it, which are said to come out fluffy and well cooked. The quality is supreme and it does not allow the rice to stick to the bottom of the cooker either.

The overall looks of the cooker are appealing and feasible to keep anywhere in the kitchen and with its 3-cup cooking ability, it allows one to cook the perfect meal for a small family.



  • Cooks a variety of rice
  • Stew/soup and cake can also be made
  • Can cook two different dishes at one time
  • Consists of microcomputer controlled technology
  • Comes with a “keep warm” function
  • Various accessories are also provided with the gadget


  • Heavy in weight
  • Not too pleasing to look at
  • Has a three-cup rice cooking capacity



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