Proctor Silex Commercial 37560R Rice Cooker Review

This rice cooker/warmer is an electric appliance manufactured by Proctor Silex. It functions as a high-pressure rice cooker that can cook a vast variety of rice in a matter of minutes for an ample amount of servings. It also works as a rice warmer to keep the food hot and fresh for long periods of time without overcooking it. Proctor Silex is a company that has been around since the 1960s and came into being through a merger between Proctor Electric and Silex Company. In the present day, Proctor Silex is merged with Hamilton Beach Brands by the NACCO Industries Inc. that owns both of these brands. It is a well-known company that manufactures electrical household and kitchen appliances. The 37560R Rice Cooker/Warmer is just an example from a plethora of products at the disposal of Proctor Silex.

Proctor Silex Commercial 37560R Review


The appearance of the Proctor Silex Commercial 37560R Rice Cooker/Warmer is a sleek and classy one. The body of the product is made of stainless steel that carries a good shine with it and robust insulating handles that are easy to work with. Overall, the product looks cool.

Moreover, the product boasts about the double-wall stainless steel construction that acts as a great insulation from external factors that can affect the food. Being stainless steel, the product is bound to be durable for a long time if used properly.

The capacity that this cooker/warmer provides in its design is one of its most prominent features. With its maximum capacity, it can hold about 60 cups of cooked rice and the uncooked capacity of the product is suggested to be 30 cups, so there is spare space for the rice to swell and elongate within the cooker.

The dimensions of the round-shaped appliance are 20 inches in width, 16 inches in depth and a height of 13.5 inches.



For a cooker/warmer, the Proctor Silex Commercial 37560R Rice Cooker/Warmer has some fascinating features. One of these features is that when the appliance is done with the cooking, it automatically switches to the ‘warm mode’ to avoid overcooking and keep the rice hot and fresh. Moreover, the product has an easy-to-use button trigger handle that one has to depress in order to get the appliance begin the cooking. In case the water that has been poured into it was more than it should have been, it has a moisture cup that collects this water preventing any leakage of the liquid.


Performance and Quality

This rice cooker/warmer is a valuable deal for its low price of $225.65. It is able to cook grits, oatmeal, and macaroni along with white, brown, and jasmine rice.

The product also contains a measuring cup and paddle for convenient measurements of the contents that are to be cooked in the appliance. Furthermore, the removable pot inside the appliance has a non-stick surface which makes it easy to clean.

The only disadvantage that seems to be there with the product is that the non-stick base of the pot carries health concerns of emitting harmful toxins.



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