Panasonic SR-42HZP Commercial Rice Cooker Review

The Panasonic SR-42HZP Commercial Rice Cooker and Warmer is one of Panasonic’s many electronic wonders. This cooker was released around 2004 and is still in demand. Panasonic has been around since 1918 and has grown into a Japanese multinational giant as an electronic manufacturer along with Sony, Hitachi, Toshiba and Canon. The firm is ranked among the most environmental-friendly manufacturers for the sustenance of the climate due to their policies and practices. The product variety that it offers is extensive and it also offers certain services alongside the manufacturing. Among these tradable goods, one item that it produces is electronic cookware. The SR-42HZP Commercial Rice Cooker and Warmer is an example of such a cookware. This product has gained some reputation and is rated at 3.5 stars on Amazon.

Panasonic SR-42HZP Review


The Panasonic SR-42HZP Commercial Rice Cooker and Warmer carries a vintage look, which is very reasonable since the product has been on the market and has survived all these years. However, that does not mean the product might be feeble compared to other products available today. This rice cooker and warmer meets all the requirements for a good piece of cookware without any doubt.

The silver-colored, round cooker has a removable pan that comes with it. The material used for this pan is a sturdy aluminum alloy that can be lifted easily from the cooker, which makes it easy to rinse and clean. The dimensions of this product are 16.875 inches in width, a depth of 14.44 inches, and the height is 11.875 inches. Not only are the external dimensions of the cooker large, but the capacity of the cooker is also humongous. The SR-42HZP Commercial Rice Cooker and Warmer can handle around 38 cups of cooked rice, while the suggested number of cups of uncooked rice that should be placed in the appliance is 23 cups so that the rice can spread while it is cooked.



The Panasonic SR-42HZP Commercial Rice Cooker and Warmer features the ‘keep warm’ technology that can keep the cooked rice hot and fresh for as long as two hours. Moreover, it has an efficient automatic shut-off feature that makes the cooker stop heating once the rice is done cooking. This feature prevents the cooked rice from burning or overheating and saves energy, which will result in lower costs. Furthermore, there is no need to worry about the overheating of the product since there is a thermal safety fuse installed in the product, which will stop the appliance from functioning if it gets heated to a certain temperature.


Performance and Quality

The Panasonic SR-42HZP Commercial Rice Cooker and Warmer is one of the most durable rice cookers. The efficient and robust product runs on a voltage of 120V at a current of 12.9A. The wattage of the product is 1550W.

Overall, the product is really good. It is easy to use with only one button switch. The cleaning is easy since the pan is removable and the exterior can be wiped easily.

One thing that is worrisome is that the aluminum alloy cookware can be toxic.


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