Cuckoo CRP-FA0610F Rice Cooker Review

With the ever-increasing technology and people exploring different ways of cooking, it has become a habit for one to discover instant meals. Many people who like to save time while cooking a delicious meal look for products that help them achieve just that. For someone on the go, the Cuckoo rice cooker is just the thing to make fast meals while saving you enough time to go about your other chores. With the ability to cook more than one type of meal, this piece of technology allows a person to cook a variety of rice dishes cooked deliciously in a short span of time.

Cuckoo CRP-FA0610F Review

Design and Features

Made in Korea, this piece of technology is built with aluminum and weighs about 11.9 pounds.

Since this model comes in only Korean navigation, the manual has to be studied in order to understand how to operate the cooker. With the help of the manual, you can discover the different types of meals that can be cooked along with the temperatures required for it. However, the Korean navigation can be canceled if it seems impracticable, thus helping reduce the noise of the cooker.

The size of the inner pot is big enough to cook 6 cups of rice all at once. This allows a person to feed at least a family of 6, if not more. The pressure cooker holds enough strength that GABA rice can also be cooked in it easily.

The cooker also comes with a reheat function, which allows you to warm up the dish. With the help of this feature, the food can be warmed as many times as required and for as many days. You can also keep your meal warm with the same button for as long as required.


Performance and Quality

The material of the cooker and its Teflon coating allows it to perform excellently. Once the right instructions have been provided to the cooker, the rice that comes out is delicious and soft. Not only that but the series of other dishes that can be made, including stew, baked goods and other meals, come out amazing. The plus side is that the food can be kept warm as per one’s requirements.

One thing is for sure: the cooker is strong enough to work well for years to come. Since the cooker has a timer, it ensures that the food does not burn while saving you time and cooking great meals. Since the lid of the cooker does not come off, cleaning it can become somewhat of a hassle.



  • Feeds up to 6 people
  • The inner pot has Teflon coating
  • Can cook GABA rice as well
  • Can cook a variety of rice dishes
  • It also has the ability to cook different meals


  • Navigation is available in Korean voice only
  • The weight of the cooker is high
  • Lid does not come off, making cleaning difficult



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