Cuckoo CR-0631F Rice Cooker Review

In the recent years, the food industry has witnessed a growth in smart technology. This technology has been invented to help people who cook but don’t have time, don’t like to cook, or are looking for an easy way out. The smart technology allows the person to make quick/slow meals as efficiently and easily as possible.

Since people usually look for a product that can be used for more than one purpose, the Cuckoo CR-0631F gives six different settings for preparing meals. This is ideal for people who are looking for a product that allows different meals to be cooked from just one place. This helps them not only save time but also cook a variety of meals.

Design and Features

With its stylish color and modern design, the Cuckoo CR-0631F includes a wide LCD that allows a person to view the time and temperature clearly on the cooker.

With its GABA setting, GABA rice can also be cooked in it with ease. The non-stick function ensures that the food prepared does not stick inside and the detachable lid ensures easy cleaning of the product.

It comes in a 6-cup size, from which a person can choose the cup size of their liking with the rice measuring cup provided along with it. It also includes 6 different cooking settings, including turbo cooking and slow cooking. This enables the user to choose the type of meal they prefer and adjust the time and temperature of the cooker accordingly.


Performance and Quality

With a good overall performance, the cooker comes with a warranty – an advantage skipped by many others. This warranty is a year long and covers all parts of the cooker along with the labor required.

With 39 years of experience in the food technology industry, this cooker brand allows its users easy navigation and monitoring of cooking. The inner pot allows easy cleaning of the cooker and it repels water easily. Since the water does not stick inside, the cooker ensures a supreme quality of food. The cooker also accomplishes its job of cooking rice and other meals at a much faster rate. This does not impact the quality of the rice produced by the cooker. And since the automatic warmer keeps the rice warm for a longer duration, it prevents the rice from turning yellow or brown.



  • Can serve up to 6 people
  • Teflon coating is available on the inner plate
  • Can cook GABA and brown rice
  • Includes turbo functions
  • 6 different cooking settings available
  • Slow cook and Fuzzy control functions are available
  • Comes with a warranty
  • Easy to clean the inside of the pot as it is detachable and the surface of the pot is relatively smooth


  • No other sizes are available
  • Comes only in pink
  • The inside of the pot is metal, so one needs to be very careful not to scratch the walls



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