Breville BRC600XL Risotto Rice Cooker Review

Cookware needs to be purchased with the utmost consideration. There is a lot that needs to be taken into account before you make the decision about which cookware would be suitable for your kitchen. If you end up selecting the wrong kind of cookware, you place your health in jeopardy and the quality of your food is affected. Therefore, you need to ensure that you select the cookware which would be capable of providing you with your desired results. A rice cooker is one such product that should be chosen carefully since rice is one of those items that are cooked often. If this is what you are looking for, this Breville Risotto Plus Sautéing Slow Rice Cooker and Steamer would not let you down and deliver your desired results. If quality and performance are important to you, this cooker and steamer will prove to be a worthy option.

Breville BRC600XL Review


It is apparent from the design of this product that attention to detail has been paid in its manufacture. It has been designed in a manner that makes it capable of providing optimal convenience and feasibility. It has an aluminum nonstick bowl with an easy-to-clean nonstick coating. Thus, maintenance is not something that you would have trouble with. Furthermore, it is equipped with a removable cord, which ensures that you can also use it for serving at the table. This also makes storing the cooker easier.



The manufacturing materials used for the cooker are profound in quality, so it is durable and would not have to be replaced anytime soon. You will find it to be sturdy and long lasting.


Performance is not something that you will have complaints about when it comes to this cooker and steamer. It is equipped with a risotto making function that is capable of providing creamy and authentic risottos without you having to constantly stir for 40 minutes or so. Thus, you will have to work a whole lot less if you have this equipment. It is an advanced multi-cooker that provides tender and slow-cooked meals with a lot of ease. The sauté settings ensure that you can caramelize all your ingredients easily. All in all, you will be impressed by the quality of food that this equipment produces.



  • Risotto making function that does not require you to stir it for a long time
  • Advanced multi-cooker that can be used for a number of things
  • An aluminum nonstick bowl with a nonstick coating that makes cleaning and maintenance easy
  • Removable cord which allows easy storage and enables you to use the equipment for serving
  • Sauté setting allowing you to caramelize ingredients



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