Aroma ARC-1024E Commercial Rice Cooker Review

If you run a restaurant or have to prepare rice for a large number of people at a time, a commercial rice cooker is just what you need. However, with so many options out there in this regard, how do you go about choosing the right one to suit your rice cooking needs? This is where the Aroma commercial rice cooker comes in!

With so many people waiting for you to serve food to them, saving time and energy is perhaps going to be your number one priority. Manufactured by Aroma, this commercial rice cooker is all that you need to prepare perfect, fluffy rice over and over again without ever having to compromise on quality (and even quantity!).

Aroma ARC-1024E Review

Design and Features

Before anything else, it is necessary to highlight that Aroma is the number one rice cooker brand in the United States. This, in itself, is enough to prove that this commercial rice maker will be packed full of the best features. To begin with, the rice cooker comes with a heavy-duty lid along with an uncoated aluminum cooking pot. Both of these have been designed in such a manner that they guarantee maximum durability and continuous use. The rice cooker comes with a serving spatula and measuring cup, so you can be assured of years of batches upon batches of perfectly cooked and fluffy rice.

Aroma has designed the rice cooker in such a manner that it can be used to cook just about all of the more than 7,000 varieties of rice. If fluffy perfection is what you are after in the rice you cook, this Aroma rice cooker is just what you need. Whether you wish to use it for your restaurant, to host parties or potlucks, or even to serve food at your business or volunteer organization, you can rest assured that this Aroma commercial rice cooker will deliver even through the most rigorous of use. It comes with a capacity to yield up to 48 cups of cooked rice.


Performance and Quality

Designed for continuous commercial use, this rice cooker by Aroma guarantees that you will save time and energy in your commercial kitchen. All that you need to do to prepare high quality & fluffy rice is add water to the cooking pot, push a single button and walk away assured that your rice will be fluffy. Most importantly, it switches to ‘warm mode’ automatically the moment the rice has been cooked. This way, there is nothing for you to worry about and you can easily work around in your kitchen.



  • Helps save time and energy
  • Automatically senses when the rice is cooked and switches to the ‘warm’ mode
  • Easy to operate


  • Very sharp edges on the heavy-duty lid
  • May overflow water at times



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