Best Rice Cooker – Top Rice Cookers 2017

Rice Cookers have earned their place into the modern day home. They save time and help cook rice to perfection compared to the hobs and pots that we were used to using. With the adjustable temperature and cooking time, you can cook at the ideal settings and perfect the Rice to your personal preference.

Below in our various rice cooker reviews, we have tested and compiled all the features of some of the best rice cookers in the market. With this information you can help find and choose the best rice cooker that is suited to you. We vigorously compared the quality, technology, performance and pricing of each cooker. The Rice Cooker Reviews will help you effectively choose which brand and model is the most suited to your usage.

Rice Cooker Our Review Rating Price
Zojirushi NS-LAC05XT The Best Rice Cooker Recommended For All Check Price
Cuckoo CRP-CHSS1009FN Higher End Rice Cooker More Expensive Better Features Check Price
Zojirushi NS-TSC10 Good Rice Cooker Second Best Recommendation Check Price
Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 Good Rice Cooker Third Best Recommendation Check Price
Tiger JAY-A55U-CU Slightly Cheaper Rice Cooker Alternative Brand Check Price

Best Rice Cooker

Zojirushi NS-LAC05XT – RiceCookerWorld’s Most Recommended Rice Cooker!

The Zojirushi NS-LAC05XT in our opinion is the best all around rice cooker and provides the most features and high quality build for the cheapest price. This rice cooker will last for years on end and will never brake down.

Zojirushi have done a fantastic job at developing the most affordable yet quality cooker in the market. It features a 3 cup capacity which can produce you over 6 cups of rice cooked to perfection. An extremely compact design, so you can fit it into even the smallest of kitchens. Do you find your rice being cooked, but other foods in the dish not ready? Well with the NS-LAC05XT you can set the keep warm function on active and this will keep your rice warm whilst you cook your other food.

The stainless steel design will allow you to clean the machinery with very little effort, all that’s required is a damp cloth. Zojirushi have made it easy for people new to rice cookers or a little behind with technology, and have included a rice type selector, where you simply input the desired rice type whether it be white, sushi or brown and it will adjust the temperature and cooking time for you.


Cuckoo CRP-CHSS1009FN

Cuckoo’s CRP-CHSS1009FN is a slightly pricier model, however the quality is outstanding. Compared to the Zojirushi rice cooker above, it out performs it in every context, however the only downside is the higher price point. This cooker can handle double capacity of the NS-LAC05XT and will feed up to 10 people. With multi-lingual voice navigation featuring English, Chinese and Korean it can be used all across the world. It has automatic steam cleaning and is made from stainless steel allowing you to clean the entire cooker easily. Equipped with NFC(Near Field Communication) this smart technology gives access to Android OS Smartphones to the cooker, allowing you to control and monitor it through apps on the Android store.

With this steep price point, you may wonder what happens if the Rice cooker breaks down? Well Cuckoo offer a 1 year manufacturers warranty covering parts and labor should you ever experience any issues. The 21 built in safety features will also make sure that you are safe leaving your cooker alone while you go about your day to day activities without worrying about your house burning down! Overall this rice cooker is simply one of the best in the market, Cuckoo has over 39 years experience in pressure and rice cooking, it’s maintained a reputation as one of the most trusted and popular brands in the industry.


Zojirushi NS-TSC10

When looking for a rice cooker that performs in between the very expensive CRP-CHSS1009FN and the NS-LAC05XT, the NS-TSC10 comes to mind. It’s a mid range cooker that similar to other cookers built by Zojirushi performs exceptionally well given the price point. Featuring a slightly larger capacity than it’s friend the NS-LAC05XT with just over 5 cups of uncooked rice capacity, it is the perfect cooker for a small family or gathering.

Innovation taken by Zojirushi sets apart the NS-TSC10 with unique features such as the carrying handle which can help make this excellent rice cooker portable, should it be needed at a friend’s dinner party or a gathering at a family members house, you will have no issues maneuvering this great piece of equipment. Aesthetically the NS-TSC10 is very pleasing to look at with a very stylish stainless steel trim.

The automatic rice cooking feature makes it extremely easy to cook your preferred type of the rice, all that’s required is some water, the rice and a simple rice type selection and the NS-TSC10 will take care of everything else for you. Just like the NS-LAC05XT you can use the keep warm and reheat functions to keep your rice warm whilst you prepare other food or reheat if the rice ever gets cold. When you are looking to get the perfectly cooked fluffy rice, the NS-TSC10 will make sure that it gets done, with an amazing heavy duty coking bowl that will evenly distribute the heat across all the grains, making sure every single grain of rice is cooked to perfection.

Zojirushi NS-ZCC10

The NS-ZCC10 is certainly a suprise when taken straight out of the box. Measuring in at only 14 x 8 x 10 inches and weighing just 9 lbs, it may be a shock to some customers at how such a compact device can cook over 10 cups of cooked rice. This rice cooker is slightly different to others in the Zojirushi range, with its unique cooking technology titled neuro fuzzy logic. It can cook white rice with the inclusion of other added optional extras such as vegetables and flavorings, and allows you the choice of hard, medium or soft rice.

The dual functionality as a steamer also will save you some money and space from having too many appliances in your kitchen. Need to time the rice to be cooked and served ready with your other food? Well with the delay start cooking you can select the timing perfectly and make sure the rice is served hot with your other food. If you fail at the timings, no worries – the NS-ZCC10 has an automatic keep warm feature that will make sure your rice is kept warm for hours until you are ready to serve. With a fancy LCD display you can monitor the rice cooking time and choose from a large selection of settings to make sure the rice is cooked perfect to your tastes. Spherical cooking pots inside the rice cooker create an evenly cooked blend through the grains.


Tiger JAY-A55U-CU

Our last selection is the Tiger JAY-A55U-CU, a 3-Cup stainless steel rice cooker and warmer. Although we believe that the Zojirushi cookers above will greatly out perform Tiger, as the brand is more developed and the quality is superior, the JAY-A55U-CU does feature some interesting differences such as Far-infrared ray coating and a detachable inner lid making everything very easy to wash and clean. Similar to our favorite cooker the NS-LAC05XT it features a stainless steel design throughout and is very easy to clean with a very thick inner pan, which will cook the rice through entirely. The spherical heater makes sure that no rice grain goes untouched and that everything is cooked evenly.

Micom technology developed into the rice cooker has all the pre-programmed settings for all different rice types that you wish to cook. It will also monitor and adjust the temperature and cooking type throughout the cooking procedure and make sure everything turns out perfect. Overall we believe that the competing Zojirushi cookers perform slightly better than Tiger, however some customers much prefer the Tiger rice cookers.


What To Consider When You Are Looking To Buy a Rice Cooker

By using this guide you can help find yourself the best rice cooker suited to your needs and desires. We offer information at RiceCookerWorld on the different uses of rice cookers, measurements and sizing options to choose from, feature outlines from leading brands and how to utilize some advanced features.

Different appliances can be purchased for your kitchen to make sure that stress from cooking can be lowered and to make some tasks much easier. rice1A Rice Cooker is a perfect example of a tool that will make everything so much easier. Dealing with timings, cooking type and temperature it can perfect the cooking of your rice, whilst requiring less work! Whether you simply want a basic rice cooker or an advanced appliance for large families, parties or gatherings it is an almost essential tool for every kitchen.

Different Uses Of A Rice Cooker

Leading brands have all developed unique features for their Rice Cookers and several of them can be used for different uses. Many of the rice cookers also can perform as a pressure cooker for steaming vegetables alongside your rice, or to even cook a stew. The rice cooker will handle all the measurements, cooking and timings, so you can set and forget until your ready to serve your food.

Choosing The Right Size

Making sure you pick the right size is very important. Many of the leading brands have sizing options that vary between model number. Some rice cookers can only cook 3 cups, whereas others can cook over 10 cups of cooked rice! Beware of sizing differences around the globe, UK cup sizes are 250ml, however many of the cookers are developed in Japan who value cups at 200ml. Smaller cookers will yield a smaller amount of overall cooked rice usually between 3 and 4 cups. Larger cookers will often yield around 8 to 14 cups of rice.

Cooking and Warming

Some rice cookers will only allow cooking, but some others will allow cooking and warming. A beginner level cooker is most likely to only feature cooking, which will most likely to lead to timing issues and cold rice, with a warming feature you can set your rice cooker to keep food warm for an unlimited duration of time. This makes timing easy and will allow food to always be served at the ideal temperature.

Advanced cooking features

Modern day rice cookers have evolved from the basic level cooking to some very advanced cooking techniques that are fully automated and create the most splendid rice. Often Rice Cookers that have these advanced options will come with extra accessories and the most high quality cooking tools built inside. rice2They often feature multiple settings, so you can cook white, brown or even sushi rice with different temperatures, cooking settings and times. Are you a fan of sticky rice? Well the advanced cookers are made for you.

With different cycling settings it opens up the world of uses to your rice cooker, you can start cooking porridge or even some rice grains that are intended for breakfast. Often these require very slow cooking to make sure they are cooked perfectly and this is where the cycling process of the cooking is essential.

The most high level advanced cookers will feature induction cooking which is growing to become the most popular way to cook food. It accounts for different weighing errors and is extremely environmentally friendly as it utilizes less energy that other conventional cookers. The only downside is that the pricing is rather expensive, however the cost is definitely justified with the results you will see in each grain of rice, cooked to perfection!


What Are Rice Cookers

Rice cookers are a rather modern day development and are designed to help save your time, money and get the most out of your rice. With many people failing miserably at cooking rice to any decent level, the Rice cooker was made to help those that want restaurant grade rice every time, but for a one time investment.

The Design of Rice Cookers

When it comes to design, they are made with a very similar build to slow cookers or pressure cookers. Most are created with a steel cylinder base, with several legs attached that keep the heating components away from the worktops. Often made from stainless steel to keep cleaning easy and the majority featuring a spherical design to create evenly cooked food. All of the internal components are wrapped in heat resistant material. The high end cookers are developed with tons of safety features making sure that no fires, burning or accidents occur when using the cooker and to make them very user friendly to the inexperienced.

Many of the rice cookers come with LCD screens, allowing you to program your desired settings for different rice types and desired outcomes. Internally the thick pan will often sit on top of a heating plate, with sensors surrounding the pan. The sensors detect when the rice is being cooked at the right temperature and if the heating plate is too hot, it will decrease the temperature. With a spherical design it ensures an even cook throughout.

How Does A Rice Cooker Function

Before this modern technology, rice was cooked in a pan by bringing water to a boil, and then adding the rice, allowing it to simmer until all of the water is absorbed into the rice. Often this would lead to unevenly cooked rice, rice burnt and rice stuck in the pan.

The Rice Cooker was made to fix all of those issues. rice3Rather than using conventional heating, the rice cookers pan is placed into the base of the cooker. The sensor will then detect that the pan is inside and the plate will begin to heat up. The heating plate has sensors ready to detect if the rice is becoming to hot or if the rice is cooked and ready to be served. Should the temperature get too high, it is automatically adjusted without manual intervention to a lower temperature. This ensures a thorough cooking and evenly cooked rice.

What Are Fuzzy Logic Rice Cookers

New technology has recently been developed known as Fuzzy Logic. What is Fuzzy Logic? Cookers developed with this new technology automatically help prevent over-cooking or under-cooking. This requires no human intervention and the rice cooker will handle all of the logistics. With advanced programming built in, it can detect and calculate if the rice cooker should continue operating at temperatures selected, or if the rice will become overcooked. With this it will adjust accordingly and make sure that all the rice grains are cooked perfectly. It will also adjust for weather circumstances, as in cold weather rice could require longer cooking times and less cooking in warmer weather.

Should you make an error when you are measuring out the rice weight, Fuzzy Logic will fix the error and adjust the water accordingly so that the ratio maintained is ideal. Fuzzy Logic cookers will often come with a wide array of settings that can perform quick cooking of rice if you’re in a hurry, or a slow cooking option to get that perfect fluffy grain.